Laundry industry in Indonesia - which dominated by small laundry shop - faces many obstacles from inconsistent quality to poor management.
Because of that, since 2015 Ahlijasa which started out as on-demand laundry platform, extends their reach further to help laundry business in Indonesia.
With thousands of laundry entrepreneurs in our platform, Ahlijasa continues to provide scalable innovation to this untapped industry in Indonesia.

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Our Business Units

Ahlijasa provides holistic solutions to empower laundry businesses in Indonesia: from technology (POS), training (Academy), procurement (Supply) to B2B solutions (Laundry), and franchise (Cleanlite Laundry) with the end goal to standardize quality, elevate efficiency and reduce costs; all under the umbrella of Cleanlab.

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"With more than US$2Bn serviceable market, laundry industry in Indonesia is often overlooked"

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