Laundry industry in Indonesia - which dominated by small laundry shop - faces many obstacles from inconsistent quality to poor management.
Because of that, since 2015 Ahlijasa which started out as on-demand laundry platform, extends their reach further to help laundry business in Indonesia.
With thousands of laundry entrepreneurs in our platform, Ahlijasa is a startup which continues to provide scalable innovation to this untapped industry in Indonesia.

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Our Business Units

Ahlijasa provides holistic solutions to empower laundry businesses in Indonesia: from technology (POS), training (Academy), procurement (Supply) to B2B solutions (Laundry), and franchise (Cleanlite Laundry) with the end goal to standardize quality, elevate efficiency and reduce costs; all under the umbrella of Cleanlab.

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Tempo Startup Readers Choice Awards 2017

"With more than US$2Bn serviceable market, laundry industry in Indonesia is often overlooked"

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