What is Cleanlab Academy?

What is Cleanlab Academy?

Cleanlab Academy provides training for new and veteran Laundrypreneurs as well as budding entrepreneurs who want to build a laundry business on their own.
Cleanlab Academy provides certified laundry to develop service standardisation in the laundry industry as well as helping laundrypreneurs to get additional revenue from new added service, such as bag and shoes cleaning.

What are the trainings?

Cleanlab Academy provides training ranging from technical and management training:
- Private consultations for laundry management
- Spotting and stain treatment training
- Shoes and bag cleaning training
- Helmet cleaning training
- Baby stroller cleaning training
- Bridal gown and accessories cleaning training
- B2B laundry service training
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Academy also provides in-depth training for shoes reparation:
- unyellowing
- reglue
- repainting
- recoloring
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Who are the trainers?

The trainers are the very same people who built Cleanlab Laundry together with Ahlijasa.
They are practitioners and managers of Cleanlab Laundry who practice what they preach at our own stores and hope laundrypreneurs can copy the success of our Cleanlab Laundry.

How to book the training?

Because each and every laundry business has different needs, our trainers need to assess your business before they can make any recommendation.
Simply fill in the form and our training consultants will contact you shortly.

Any added benefits?

Cleanlab Academy provide unlimited post-training consultations. Our trainers believe they can grow together with the students, solving everyday laundry problem with fellow laundrypreneurs.

How to contact?

For further information please contact us via SMS/ Phone call/ Whatsapp at +62857-1596-6989 or email at
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