What is Cleanlab Laundry?

What is Cleanlab Laundry?

Cleanlab Laundry is a business unit of Ahlijasa Indonesia which provides laundry service for retail and B2B (for hotel, guest house, salon, etc).
Our outlets are the first laundry in Indonesia which incorporate Cleanlab POS as our point-of-sale and laundry management system, thus, we are able to reduce complaint rate to below 1% (average industry rate is 15%). And we proud ourselves as the safest laundry in Indonesia, so people can laundry without worry!
Our Cleanlab Laundry outlets can be found throughout Jakarta and Tangerang area.

Where are the outlets?

Cleanlab Laundry outlets can be found in these area:
- Green Lake City (Tangerang)
- Taman Permata Buana (West Jakarta)
- City Resort Apartment (West Jakarta)
- Muara Karang (North Jakarta)
- Kebagusan City (South Jakarta)
- Kuningan (South Jakarta)

What kind of laundry service?

We provide laundry and dry cleaning service for retail and B2B.
Laundry service:
- wash-fold-iron in a laundry bag
- hand wash per piece (for delicate items)
- bed sheet
- bed cover, duvet, duvet cover
Dry cleaning:
- dress, gown, kebaya
- wedding gown
- wedding accessories
- suit
- shoes (canvas, sneakers, suede, leather)
- winter coat
- leather jacket
- backpack
- stuffed dolls
B2B (laundry & spotting):
- bed sheet
- bed cover
- duvet cover
- pillow case
- towel
- bath robe
- uniform
And many more.

What is laundry bag?

Laundry Bag is a container system designed by Ahlijasa where customers can put as many clothes as possible for a flat price for our wash-iron-fold service.
The Laundry Bag comes in two flavors: big (for as much as 7kg) and small (for as much as 4kg).

Any special features?

We proud ourselves as the safest laundry service provider in Indonesia, thus some of the added features you can get from our laundry service are:
- SMS notification
No longer do you need to keep printed receipt, as we send your laundry receipt straight to your phone via SMS.
- Video tagging (retail only)
We video record each and every article of your clothing to make sure none of your clothes are swapped or missing.
- Warranty
We provide warranty for late delivery (B2B only), missing article (B2B and retail).

How to contact?

Further information, please visit our website at

Or contact us through SMS/ Phone call/ Whatsapp at +62812-1222-9222 or email us at

You can also follow us on social media:
Cleanlab Laundry Instagram:
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Do you open franchising?

We are always looking forward for new franchisee to expand our networks of laundry partners under the name of Cleanlite Laundry.
For further information please visit our website at