What is Cleanlab POS?

What is Cleanlab POS?

Cleanlab POS is a point-of-sale Android application designed for laundry owners to help manage their laundry shop.

Its first release was mid 2018 and since then has been downloaded more than 10,000 times (as of Q1 2019).

With thousands of laundrypreneurs on our platform, we develop a community of empowered laundrypreneurs, supported by technology and automations.

Is it available on iOS?

Currently Cleanlab POS is only available on Android smartphones, while the laundry dashboard is available on web desktop.

What are the features?

Cleanlab POS designed by laundrypreneurs for laundrypreneurs to help day-to-day laundry shop operations, point-of-sales, financial report, resource planning, HR management and many more.
Some of our main features are:
- Receipt and notification via SMS and Whatsapp
Laundry customers may receive receipt via SMS or Whatsapp from laundry owners, so no more case of lost receipt. The laundry owners are able to save up by opting to this option instead of using printed or manual receipt.
- Financial dashboard for laundry owners
Laundry owners can check financial report from revenue, COGS, total orders, all within the app anytime. It is also available on desktop.
- Photo-based absence for workers
The biggest fear a laundrypreneurs is not knowing if their shops are running. Laundromat may track their workers' performance from the app. In order to start working, workers are advised to take photo-based absence, so laundry owners can rest easy knowing their shops are up and running.
- Customers' debt tracker
Laundry experience in Indonesia usually allows customer to pay in a flexible manner. However, laundry owners have a hard time tracking all the prepaid or unpaid orders. With Cleanlab POS, laundry owners can choose the payment status of each order.
- Order workflow tracker
Laundry owners may track the workflow status of each order, from washing, drying, ironing or packing.
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How to contact?

Further information please contact us via SMS/ Phone call/ Whatsapp at +62-822-6089-6492 or email us at
Otherwise you can fill in the contact form at to get i touch straight with our consultants.
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