What is Cleanlite Laundry?

What is Cleanlite Laundry?

Cleanlite Laundry is a franchise solution born from the demands from the customers of Cleanlab Laundry who want to build their own laundry business.
Our team from Cleanlite Laundry will helps future laundrypreneurs build their own business from choosing location, training, designing the store, procure the equipments and chemicals until the day of the grand opening.

How much is the investment?

The investments ranging from about 55 million Rupiahs to more than hundred million Rupiahs depending on the need.
The investments includes machineries, design, location survey and training.
It does not include rent, renovation and operational expenses.

The package includes subscription from our Cleanlab POS laundry application, training from Cleanlab Academy, and supplies from Cleanlab Supply such as hangers, plastic packagings, and chemicals for starting.

Where are the outlets?

Our outlets are spread throughout Jakarta and Bandung. And we are always looking forward to help future franchisee to build their own Cleanlite Laundry outside of Jakarta.
For further information please visit our website:

Any added benefits?

Apart from having the most complete franchise package, we provide marketing support during grand opening as well as unlimited consultation with our Cleanlab Academy trainers.

We also provide connection with our B2B clients, so franchisee can get additional revenue from B2B deals from hotel or guesthouse!*
(Available for select franchise package)

How to join as franchisee?

Please contact our consultants via SMS/ Phone call/ Whatsapp at +62 812 8547 8811 via email at
Or fill in the form at and our consultants will contact you shortly.

It will be advisable if you have a proposed location in mind to speed up the process.

How does it work?

1. If you have a proposed location (doesn't need to rent the place first) we will survey the location and finalise with you the exact right place to build your shop so you can finalise the rent process.

2. Once the first payment is done, we continue to develop the design of the store. And we can commence on the renovation. Our interior designer will work together with the contractor of your choice to build the shop. Otherwise, we also recommend our contractor partner.

3. After the renovation is done and the second payment is paid, we proceed by moving in the machineries and start the training. During the training, we will discuss with you the grand opening date.

4. On the grand opening date, our team will help you on the marketing efforts during the grand opening.